Saturday, July 27, 2013

Silicone sacs now available in four sizes

We didn't want to go into full production until we got them right, and now we've got them! Genuine 100% silicone rubber pen sacs in four sizes: 14, 15, 17, and 18½. The smallest sacs, size 14, were specially designed for use with Sheaffer Snorkel fountain pens -- although of course they can be used for many other models as well. Having a sac that is melt-proof, no matter what ink is used, is especially desirable for a Snorkel, since getting access to the sac takes extra time and effort, and since any internal leakage in a Snorkel is particularly messy, not to mention potentially damaging.

The sacs can be ordered from our Nibs, Parts and Supplies page and from American Art Plastics. They will also be listed on eBay, under vintagepens. You can read more about silicone sacs here, here, and here. I have also updated our page on pen sac selection and installation, adding a chart that lays out the various pros and cons of the ink sac materials currently in use.

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