Sunday, July 19, 2009

Parker Newhaven closure

This has been expected for a good long time, with great fear and trepidation. The property has become very valuable, and Parker's current corporate masters don't care a whit about tradition.
Plans to close the Parker Pen factory in East Sussex, resulting in the loss of up to 180 jobs, have been revealed. Newell Rubbermaid said it had started a consultation on the closure of the site in Newhaven following a review of its fine writing business. Local Norman Baker MP said it would be a "bitter blow" for the town and urged the firm to reconsider its decision.
If the proposal goes ahead the factory, which has been open since the 1940s, will shut by the autumn of 2010.Newell Rubbermaid said work that was carried out in Newhaven would be shifted to its site in Nantes, France.
From the BBC.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer plans

In years past, summer has been a slow time.  This year has been different -- partly because of kids getting older, and ever more time devoted to their activities, but also because of our new/old plastics venture, American Art Plastics.  We aren't fully up and running yet; we have managed to get some fantastic celluloid rod and slab stock made to our specs, however, and are looking forward to being able to make it available to penmakers and other artisans very soon indeed.  It's been a long, hard road with more delays, pitfalls, and setbacks than you can imagine.  Yet what a thrill it is, to see such wonderful materials re-created at last, after so much time, money, and work!