Monday, January 27, 2014

Back to the future (of pen collecting)

One of the most amusingly prescient articles in the American Stationer ran on September 24, 1896 (p. 517). It begins:
If it should ever become a fad to collect pens, what a collection could be made from ancient and modern writing instruments . . .
The article goes on to recount how McKinley's letter accepting the Republican nomination for president -- published nationally a few weeks before -- had been signed with a Waterman pen, specially furnished for the purpose, and that that very pen (a 5-sized taper-cap) would be auctioned for charity. It concludes:
It would be a good pen for a prospective collector of writing instruments to begin with, as it is probably one of the pens destined to be famous in history.
No doubt -- if only it could be found now!

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