Wednesday, April 2, 2014

State of the Blog

Over 170 published posts now, with several more articles in progress. Over 3000 page views in March. We have some shows coming up soon, along with other springtime activities, so posting may slow down a bit. On the other hand, you never know what interesting items may turn up for a quick profile.


AAAndrew said...

Hey, David

I collected pens briefly in the late 90's then moved on for a while. I recently pulled out my meagre collection of pens and did some online research to get reacquainted. That's how I found your blog. I remembered your site from long ago, and I have now been truly enjoying your blog. It prompted me to go look through some resources I had worked on about the same time I was collecting, the Making of America collections.

I'm sure you've scoured those yourself, so I don't think I have anything new, but I did download a lot of pages (either PDF or images, whichever was clearer) just found by searching on the term "Fountain pen." Some fun old ads, an interesting description of how the Crown hard rubber pens were made from 1892, and a reference to a fountain pen from a student's inventory from 1751 are a few of the items I found.

It also includes a Waterman ad from Feb 1885 issue of American Missionary Magazine which includes "L.E. Waterman, Manager" in the ad, and the Murray St. address.

Hopefully this link works, and enjoy!

Andrew Midkiff
amidkiff at (the email from google)

David said...

Great to hear from you. The Making of America series is wonderful -- this truly is a golden age for pen history research.
That reference to L. E. Waterman fits nicely into the biographical work I've been doing lately, including (not to give anything away) a tidbit about the books he owned.