Monday, June 4, 2012

New 51 sacs!

Available later this week, transparent sacs for Parker 51 Aerometrics, made in the original material and to original dimensions, complete with internal ribs. This project, along with the replacement stainless steel breather tubes for Parker 51s shown below, actually belongs to our partnership venture, American Art Plastics. Order fulfillment will initially be run through the Vintage Pens site, however, with supplemental listings on eBay as well.
Pricing has not yet been fixed, but will be comparable to that of conventional latex rubber sacs. The original Parker 51 sacs are famed for their decades-long durability, so we've often been asked if these sacs can be used in other pens. They should work fine in hard rubber pens, and pens made of acrylic. Avoid using them in celluloid pens, however, and pens made of cellulose acetate, since the sacs contain plasticizers that can react badly with these materials.

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