Sunday, June 3, 2012

Return of the blog

During the last few months we tried moving our pen blogging over to our Facebook page. While it made our posts more visible to the many people on Facebook, it has also been frustrating. Facebook keeps on changing what it's trying to be (the Timeline, for example, aiming to turn users' pages into personal scrapbooks), but none of the changes seem to be making it any more suitable as a blogging platform. Adding and organizing pictures is a nightmare, there's no way to link from one post back to another, and embedding links of any kind is very restricted. Not to mention all of our friends who have been shut out from commenting because they don't want to sign up for Facebook.

So we will be bringing our main blogging efforts back here, though we will continue to post links back to the blog on our Facebook page for those who want to follow us that way. Most of our recent Facebook posts have already been copied back here, in most cases in expanded form. The rest should make it over in the next several days. "Like" us on Facebook, but the real action will be over here!

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