Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unusual Parker 51 caps

Just for fun, here are a couple of rather special 51 caps. The one above is silver, though unmarked; there is an indicia for engraving, typical of early-production caps, and a very widely spaced pattern of alternating straight and squiggly lines. This cap came from the wild, and I've never seen another example.
The next cap is a bit rough, which shows that its construction is rather out of the ordinary. Neither stainless steel ("Lustraloy") nor silver, it appears to be brass or cupronickel plated with either rhodium or chrome. Yes, the clip is a bit unusual, too: the pen is Canadian, with the characteristic square side profile to the clip and the high-placed Blue Diamond. The barrel imprint doesn't have a legible date code, but the nib is dated 1947.


George Rimakis said...

Does the inside clutch and inner cap of the 51 cap with the indicia look Parker? Also, the slight pancaking at the top of the cap by the clip is interesting.

David said...

It's totally Parker. The usual suspects have all seen it, some time ago.