Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yes, that's a 62 on the end of that barrel. One of my last purchases at the Los Angeles pen show this past weekend: a crisp and glossy, price-banded and new-in-the-box Waterman 62. What's a 62? It's the post-1917 number for what was the 12SF lever-filler. That is to say, a slip-cap lever filler. This one has its cap, but I've left it off to show off the barrel in all its oddness.

Waterman slip-cap lever-fillers are rarely seen, with those numbered 6X so elusive that I could not remember having seen one before this. How could I turn it down? The price band, interestingly enough, is for a 12. You'd think that if they would make the pen, they would also print up the correct price bands. But dealers were also issued gummed bands, so it may be that the pen was banded or re-banded by a retailer, perhaps after a nib change (the nib is unusual, a nice stub). The seller -- an old friend -- told me the pen came from a Chicago show auction. This must have been some time ago, however, surely at least 20 years back.

PS The 6X pens are shown in the 1919 Waterman catalog, on page 23.

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Marc Bloom said...

Wow, you lucky dog! Those are so rare