Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sheaffer demonstrator packing unit

Lately I've been working on new techniques for disassembling Sheaffer plunger-fillers with Triumph nibs. Getting those nib units out without damaging anything can be very tricky. While testing different approaches on various pens, I came across the inner barrel shown above. It's not uncommon to see the reuse of scrap material in hidden components, but the scrap is usually not transparent, as here. As is, it gives a good view of how a Sheaffer packing unit was constructed, with stacked layers of rubber sheet and grease-soaked felt.

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gw said...

I have 10 that I've been working on since the SF show. The Fountainbel nib removal tool has the habit snapping the feeds off, even with lots of soaking and judicious heat. I would welcome a better method.