Sunday, March 20, 2016

A notable early Waterman ad

The advertisement shown below was published in Our Society Journal, vol. 6, Apr 1886, p. 17 (Google Books, Hathitrust). The very early use of the globe as a logo is immediately striking, but no less significant is the mix of promises and testimonials below. While the testimonials are from prominent individuals whose names also figure in other Waterman promotional literature, the promises are from individuals or companies directly involved in Waterman manufacture.

This roster includes not only "The Ideal Pen Co., 155 Broadway, N. Y." and "L. E. Waterman, Manager", but also H. P. & E. Day, Rubber-Mfrs., Seymour, Ct. ("Holders of the Finest Hard Rubber") and Mr. Leroy W. Fairchild, Gold Pen Mfr., N. Y. ("Each Gold Pen of First Quality") -- clearly and unmistakably identifying Waterman's two most important original subcontractors.

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George Kovalenko said...

David, thanks for the reference to the 1886 ad. I added a note about it in the addendum to my article about “The Waterman’s Ideal Globe” trademark in my blog.